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CCTV Camera Security System Access Control Bahrain

 CCTV Camera Security System Access Control Bahrain

Smart Technology

When it comes to smart technology acuZon is a market leader in Bahrain providing innovative solutions tailored to the customer needs. We wanted to provide that freedom to our customers prior to even placing the order. In this Digital Era, there is nothing more convenient than customizing your smart office package or your home security while you are setting on your sofa using your smart phone through our eStore. In less that 10 minutes, customize to the package that suits your needs and of course meets your budget. With only few clicks place your order, and next thing you hear is a door bell from our installation team.

1st eStore

This is the first eStore in Bahrain selling complete smart technology packages for Home and Business users. It contains the latest cutting edge technology packages including IP Telephony, Security and Fire Alerting Systems, Access Control System, CCTV Camera Packages and Network Infrastructure.

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Who are we?

AcuZon is one of the leading Smart Home Security System provider companies in Bahrain. We provide:Home Automation, IP Cameras and Security Solutions, Home Entertainment Solutions and everything that you may need to turn your house into a smart one! In AcuZon we vie to be ranked number one as a solutions integrator for Home entertainment, Network design, Monitoring & Security, and Home Automation.
Our vision is to ensure that all existing and newly built facilities are designed using our standards where our clients live and enjoy a lifestyle that is unique, different and smart. Our mission is to deliver fully customized solutions for new and existing premises that would suit our clients’ specific requirements. Our intent is to provide a solution package that would change our clients’ ordinary homes into “Smart Homes”. This is strongly based on maintaining up-to-date knowledge in home entertainment solutions, network designs & hardware, monitoring & security solutions, and home automation solutions.

CCTV Camera Security System Access Control Bahrain

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